Our Classes focus on including the veteran family and broader support structure to maximize community, well-being and civilian engagement.

"For years my family has avoided 4th of July celebrations and had an escape plan for the nightly firework shows at theme parks like Disneyland. I saw the firework desensitization class offered through FFR, I knew it could be incredibly helpful for my family and knew we needed to sign up. I was so thankful there was room left in the class and it was local, we were also blessed with childcare during the class so my husband and I could focus on the information given. We both learned a lot and by the time we put on the hearing protection I was nervously excited that this class would be the first step towards enjoying professional firework shows again with our children. I could feel the tension and anxiety from my husband when the first firework went off, however slowly he started to relax as he was able to implement some of the strategies he had just learned in class. However, when our children were selected to flip one of the switches to launch one of the fireworks, he finally was able to enjoy the moment and a smile flashed across his face. Because of the approach taken by FFR, especially by including a support person, the groundwork has been set for us to build upon what we learned. We left the class excited at the prospect of enjoying future professional firework displays instead of just feeling dread."

- C.D. USAF Veteran and spouse to a USMC Veteran


The Home Defense / Gun Safety class trains our veterans and their families in proper firearm care and safety. This class is led by Doug Collier of Apex Tactical Solutions, LLC. Doug spent the past 28 years serving his Country, both in and out of uniform. After being commissioned as a United States Army Officer, Doug spent 5 1/2 years as a Military Police Officer, deploying to Panama, Haiti, and Kuwait. Doug left the Army to accept an appointment as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he would spend the next 23 years.

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home defense gun safety


The Fireworks Desensitization 1 class will consist of approximately 2 hours of class time indoors and 2 hours of fireworks demonstrations and practicum held outside during daylight hours. The purpose of the fireworks desensitization course is to provide a positive experience with pyrotechnics for Veterans who currently experience adverse physical or emotional response to fireworks currently preventing them from engaging in community and family events involving pyrotechnics.

A mental health professional is present to assist if needed. Childcare is available upon request.

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Next class: 5/19/2024, 1PM-5PM

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Fireworks Desensitization 2 includes pre-planning steps to enable the veteran to attend a live fireworks event with their family. Strategies may include event selection, location planning, child care, therapy dogs and a defined exit strategy should the event become too much.

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fireworks desensitization


CPR Certification classes are conducted in conjunction with the American Heart Association. Additional classes will be scheduled in the near future.

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cpr first aid training


The suicide prevention class is a VA program facilitated by Fidelis Family Retreat and hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans and their support team members learn S.A.V.E. The S.A.V.E. training equips class members to identify warning signs and act with care and compassion. Participants are connected with resources and crisis connections.

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