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We are Fidelis Family Retreat

Empowering and Engaging Veteran Families through Educational Outdoor Recreation.

Vision Statement

At Fidelis Family Retreat we feel that our approach will help our veterans feel more connected to their community and less alone in hopes of decreasing the number of veteran suicides. Helping to overcome the battle in their minds here at home.

Mission Statement

At Fidelis Family Retreat, we are establishing a new way for veterans to successfully interact with their families as well as their community through recreational therapy. Fidelis Family Retreat with our future home aboard Lake Murray, SC will provide a peaceful place for relaxation, community events and activities, as well as multiple land and water activities year round. Recreational therapy adds fun into the veterans’ life, helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and/or depression related to; mental and physical disabilities incurred during time in service as well as the transition from active duty to veteran life. The retreat creates an environment that allows for the veterans’ barriers to come down assisting them to reconnect with their family and friends, taking important steps towards mending relationships and strengthening bonds by creating opportunities for healthy interactions as well as creating new memories.

When you come to Fidelis Family Retreat, one of our staff will be available to discuss any areas in which you are struggling or need guidance. Based on the needs of the veteran, family members, or friends; our staff will compile a packet with resources, tips, and tricks specific to each veteran that will assist in strengthening relationships with family and friends, and reintegrating into their local community.

Board of Directors

Amanda Mohr, President

Ray Patterson, Secretary

Tammy Torres

Our Founder

Amanda and Stephen Mohr
Amanda and Stephen Mohr

Amanda Mohr is the founder and president of Fidelis Family Retreat. Amanda is married to Stephen Mohr and together they have two children. Stephen is a United States Marine Veteran who served for 13 years. Amanda and Stephen were married for 11 of those years and have personal knowledge of the ups and downs of active duty military life and deployments. After discharge they saw the need for continued support of the veteran and the entire family. Fidelis Family Retreat was born from that need.


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Fidelis Family Retreat is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 83-4247279. Donations are tax-deductible.

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